What Others Are Saying…

Because of Rebecca

This is an awesome story with more twists than a hedge-maze, more secrets than the CIA, and more romance than Cupid.

~WTF are  you reading, book reviewer

Simply Irresistible!!!!

“The good luck charm” is a Romantic comedy that does not disappoint.All Keely Jones wanted in life was to be successful,but all that is about to change when she meets Darren Wright.Wearing a necklace that is meant to find her true love,were can she go wrong? “The good luck charm” is a quick and easy read that will leave you longing to read the rest of the series.

Pros: Well written,fairly decent in length,great characters,a lovable dog, and a touch of magic
Cons:There really isn’t any,This book will entertain you from the very first page to the very last.

I loved this book and CAN NOT wait to read the other books in the series,author Leanne Tyler has just turned me into a fan.

Crystal Burns, reader, TX

Victory’s Gate

Leanne Tyler’s award winning story Victory’s Gate is a must read. She guides the reader through the Civil War’s era so that two people from different centuries can find love. ~ Loretta Rogers, award-winning author of Isabelle and the Outlaw

A delightful tale of unending love ~ Jessie Verino, author

It’s Always Been You

“…the kind of story we all love to read– a second chance for a happy ending. Author Leanne Tyler takes the dreaded ‘highschool reunion’ with skill and fun … the perfect read for a lazy afternoon…” ~ Karen Hall, award-winning author

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