Coming Soon

The following Works in progress will be available in the new future.

Charming The Holidays Anthology: The Good Luck Series

A Charming Christmas  (originally published in Christmas Wishes Boxset)

Lucinda and her magical gris-gris strikes again! But will the recipient adhere to Lucinda’s wishes?

Lillian Wright has been single more years than she can count, but it never bothered her until her children purchased a membership to an online dating site for her and Lucinda sent her the gris-gris to wear. Then she begins looking forward to spending time with Matthew Steele, her widowed new neighbor. And suddenly her life is too empty and she is no longer content with being single. But is she ready for love?

Matthew Steele has finally slowed down enough from his law practice to retire. Fifteen years after losing his wife he is still alone, living in a retirement community and eager to mend his relationship with his son. The last thing he expects is to meet someone who makes him question whether he deserves a second chance at love?

A Charming Wedding

To Catch a Duke (The Devereaux Series, book 2)



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