11 thoughts on “Books

    1. Patricia,
      Hi. Thanks for writing. The Good Luck Spell should be available by August. I’ve requested the cover artwork already so I’m waiting on that to be finished.

    1. Alicia,
      So glad to hear that you and your daughter both liked it. I’m glad to be able to help her like reading. I have a teen son who I’ve been trying to get interested in reading too. I’m hoping to have The Good Luck Spell available by August. So keep watching for it.

  1. Can’t wait for The Good Luck Spell to come out. I have been frantically trying to find it. You did a fabulous job with The Good Luck Charm. Thanks. Looking forward to August.

    1. Jessica,
      Thanks for the feedback. I love hearing from readers that they like my books. I hope you will enjoy The Good Luck Spell as much as you did The Good Luck Charm.

  2. Just finished readying The Good Luck Spell. When do you estimate The Good Luck Potion to come out. Thanks enjoy reading your books

    1. I am shooting for December, but we are trying to figure out the cover at the moment so it might be January before it is released. I’m glad to hear you are enjoying my books. That is always good to know.

      Thanks for reading!

  3. I just read Good Luck Spell (my first from your writing) and loved it. So, of course I want to read Good Luck Potion but can not find it. Is it still in the “works” and if so when should it come out on kindle?

    1. Jan,
      Thanks for reading! I’m so glad to hear that you loved The Good Luck Spell. The Good Luck Potion is finished. It is in editing and I’m waiting for the print cover to be finalized. I’m hoping to have it published in the next few weeks. So keep checking back to see when it is available.

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