The Legacy of Moon Hollow

100% of proceeds donated to Breast Cancer Research Foundation in honor of Kerri James, a reader who lost her battle with breast cancer.

My name is Kerri James, and I am the Mayor of Moon Hollow. This is my forever story.

As Mayor it is my job to keep the residents in my town safe. Which is why we keep our paranormal abilities a secret from the humans.

While I track down an unknown visitor, my town is preparing for their annual Halloween festival. My body is betraying me with sudden jolts of tremors and uncontrollable bouts of flames. Is this visitor a threat or is my body already becoming attuned to the one thing I have always desired….a mate.
Meanwhile in Moon Hollow:
An unwilling succubus finds herself mysteriously drawn to Moon Hollow hoping to find a place where she can plant roots. With the approval of the mayor, she sets up her bookmobile but finds fate has more in store for her than being the local librarian.

An ancient sorcerer with a public relations problem is sent to instruct the future chosen one. A modern day witch who’s just come into her craft. When they meet, sparks fly and the earth shakes, but is it passion or two personalities clashing like the Gods?

The Mayors human assistant is sent to investigate a rodent problem at the a local store run by a good witch. The rodent is her familiar who is up to no good. Will the two survive this match-making calamity?

Callie finds the demon she’s hunting in Moon Hollow, but she also finds an old savior. Using borrowed powers, Callie has to choose if she can let go of the past to save her own future.

A kindhearted nymph adopts a disfigured cat not knowing his fur hides something more powerful. How does he let her know she is his One without revealing his whereabouts to those searching for him and will she forgive him for his deception?


Beneath every mask is a story

You are invited to the annual Masquerade Ball at Castle Amhrán Oiche to celebrate the anniversary of Devlin & Elsbeth Kilmartin. Choose your mask & enjoy an enchanted evening among faeries, time- travelers, the cursed one, vampires, psychics, and other magical creatures. Participate in games, behold new steam-driven inventions, and partake of the Spring Nectar for a magical night. Oh, and those may not be masks.