Play Date Saturday

Spent the day with the kiddo. We watched Twilight of all things. He confessed he thought it was the best movie out of the series. Then he wondered if he felt that way because it was the only book in the series he'd read? Not sure. But hey it isn't every day that he'll sit… Continue reading Play Date Saturday


TGIF … Friday

First week back to work and I survived!!  Looking forward to crashing tonight and then writing tomorrow. Sounds like a great plan to me. Enjoy whatever you do.

What are you Reading Thursday?

Last week I had the opportunity to read Juli Alexander's newsest book in the Hottie Series Down Under with the Hottie. I enjoyed that story from the first word until the last. Her characters are fresh, funny, engaging, and I feel like I know them. Sure this is a young adult spy series, but what… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday?

Random Thoughts Tuesday

I'd like to wish my mom a HAPPY 70th Birthday!!!!!  She wanted it to snow and she got her wish. A pretty sight to behold with the wet snow clinging to the trees. Nothing on the roads where I live and I am thankful that school was delayed two hours so those in harder hit… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Monday Musings

I returned to work today. For the first day back after being gone for six weeks it wasn't bad. I didn't make it the full day, but I did work until almost 2:30. I might have made it longer, but my back began to bother me from sitting at my desk and taking Motrin did… Continue reading Monday Musings

Sunday Sundae

Yep I have skipped a whole week without blogging and I am not going to go back and post one for each day. So don't think you've missed anything. Even though I am still out of work, last week was not a good one. I had my first migraine after my surgery and it lasted… Continue reading Sunday Sundae