What are You Reading Thursday?

I hope you are reading something good today (even if it is only recipes to make your Thanksgiving feast) and that you get the chance to spend the day with your family and friends. Celebrate the day by giving thanks for all the wonderful blessings you are given daily. We are a blessed country and… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday?

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Cold, Chilly, Wet Weather, that is how I describe the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. The misty rain is turning into fine snow and the wind is blowing really hard. The power went out. Where is my flashlight...oops, can't find it. Have candles, but the lighters are out of fluid. Not going to help.  

Guest Author Monday

Please welcome with me our guest author -- Laura Strickland MAGIC WORDS At this time of year, our thoughts naturally turn to giving thanks.  And when we start thinking about it, we realize we have any number of things for which to be grateful, from the fanciful to the profound: our families and friends, our… Continue reading Guest Author Monday