What Are You Reading Thursday

To Be, Or Not by Margo Hoornstra Class of '85 Series Barry Carlson had it all, a successful career in professional baseball and the adoration of any woman he wanted. Except one. Forced to retire in his prime, Barry returns to his hometown of Summerville, New York to coach the Minor League Hornets. Twenty years… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursday

Rumor Has It Wednesday

Three Independent Bookstores have filed a DRM lawsuit against Amazon and 6 top publishers. DRM is what keeps ebook readers from switching an ebook from say the Kindle to a Nook or even a Kobo reader. The outcome could change the way ebooks are sold in the future. Robin is to be killed in today's… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday

Recipe Tuesday

Cream Cheese! Do you know how many recipes you can make with cream cheese? Hundreds. And isn't it an ingredient you love to use? Sure it is a mild cheese high in fat content, but do we really think about that when we are eating?  I doubt we do. I know I don't. I've recently… Continue reading Recipe Tuesday

Guest Author Monday

I'd like to welcome our first Guest Author —Jesse Kimmel-Freeman Hey everyone! How are you guys doing? I am existing in a state of utter and complete chaos. But you guys don’t wanna hear about that! You wanna hear about what I’m reading. As a writer, I have to spend a lot of my free… Continue reading Guest Author Monday

Sunday Sundaes

Well today is the Oscars. Later today we will find out who be given that golden statue.  Nothing else is on TV tonight so you have little choice but to watch it if you want to see something on local channels. Reruns of tv shows are on some cable channels and then there are a… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Random Thoughts Friday

Drew Peterson is sentenced to 38 years for the murder of his third wife Kathleen Savio. During his sentencing he claimed to be innocent of her death. I don't think anyone really believes that.  And what about the disappearance of his fourth wife, Stacy Peterson. Will there ever be justice for her? Trista Ann Michaels… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

What Are You Reading Thursday

Attorney Danni Price is climbing the corporate ladder by working hard, trying difficult cases, and winning. She doesn't have time to fraternize with the enemy. And Michael Sommer is most definitely the enemy. Unfortunately for her, when Michael outbid everyone for the steak dinner date with her at the Literacy Foundation Auction, she had no… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursday