It's Friday! Woo hoo! Bring on the weekend. And because it is Friday I can say it is a bittersweet Friday. Why? Because it is my last one off this summer. I am off on Monday of next week and then work four ten hour shifts before we go back to regular hours at work.… Continue reading T.G.I.F.

What are you Reading Thursday

My day job has kept me busy the last week or so. I have been trying to get over here to blog but too much is going on. I haven't been reading lately either, but I have been writing. Finished a manuscript last Saturday night and now I'm working on edits. What have you been… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday

Rumor Has It Wednesday

It's been a week or more since I blogged. Juli Alexander took over my space and then I was sick for the next week. So I am finally peppy again, head almost clear enough to have coherent thoughts for a full day. And we know as we get older that in itself can be a… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday

Rumor Has It Wednesday

Hi. I'm Juli Alexander, YA Author and I'm taking over Leanne Tyler's blog today. Sh-h-h...So don't tell her!   Welcome to my stop on the Daring Hearts Blog Hop. I'm Juli Alexander, author of the Investigating the Hottie series and Stirring Up Trouble series. In the box set, I'm including the first book in my newest… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday

Random Thoughts Tuesday

I finally saw the Star of Bethlehem...I think. Hard to say since I was looking with my eyes and not a telescope. What made me think it was the star? It was the brightest in the night sky. It was in the same alignment as where we could see Venus in 2003 or 2004. So… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Play Date Saturday

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!! Spent a good portion of the day with  my mom looking for bathroom tile. She's getting ready to remodel both bathrooms. Checking prices and picking out colors. Unfortunately, when she brought samples home for my dad to look out he didn't like any of it for his bathroom. She wasn't… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

What are you Reading Thursday

Last week I talked about getting to read a preview of a first draft for Juli Alexander for her new Paxton PI series. It was WONDERFUL. I can't wait to read the whole book. The characters are awesome. Complex and interesting. Check it out in the Daring Hearts box set that is on preorder at… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday