Not a Rainy Monday

I believe this is the first Monday in December (ironically the last one too) that it hasn't rained. The sun was even shining for a few hours today. Now it is getting a little gray again, but it doesn't look like rain at all. I had to take my car in for service today. Routine… Continue reading Not a Rainy Monday

Sunday Sundaes

The last Sunday in 2012. We had two wonderful messages at church today preparing us for the new year. Our associate and youth pastors did an excellent job as this was also the 5th Sunday of the month.   Are you prepared for the new year? Will you be taking God with you as we… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Play Date Saturday

Woke 6 a.m. and finished housecleaning. By 10 a.m. I had showered and started laundry, settled in to write. By noon I was headed to do returns with my mom. Grabbed lunch on the way. Found some great buys on clearance items and finally found new bathroom rugs in my colors. I've been looking for… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

Random Thought Friday

It's cold and rainy again today. It's been like that all week. The skies gray with heavy clouds like it will snow, but it is only teasing us. Don't wait until I have to go back to work to snow. Do it before Wednesday please. My son asked today when my Christmas break was over.… Continue reading Random Thought Friday

What Are You Reading Thursday

No reading this week. Too busy with after the holidays cleaning and preparing for the New Year to take time to read. However, I have found Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice is being aired on Ovation, two episodes a day. I caught hour two and three and discovered some interesting scenes I hadn't picked up… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursday

Christmas Eve Monday

It has rained all day. Coming down hard early this morning before it tapered off to a drizzle this afternoon. It became a mist and finally became foggy as the sun set. Now as we prepare for this long winters night, our stockings are hung with care, but my dog is running around the house like crazy.… Continue reading Christmas Eve Monday

Sunday Sundaes

As Eloise would say, it's Christmas Eve Eve for goodness sake! You do know who Eloise is don't you? She's this precocious child who lives as the Plaza Hotel in New York with her Nanny while her mother works in Paris, France. Eloise is Kay Thompson's creation and I just love her.  I believe there… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes