Rumor Has It Wednesday

My mother has been having problems with her knees for months now. She’s been to the orthopedic doctor and she’s been on steroid shots, etc. to try and help her stand for long periods of time and get around. However, lately her legs are giving out on her, or buckling. This happened on Monday and she fell, tearing her rotatory cuff. Now she has to go for an MRI on her shoulder to determine if she should need surgery. What she needs is knee replacement surgery. But we all know how insurance companies are, they want you to try everything else first (which isn’t a bad thing, surgery should be the last option), but sometimes enough is enough when it leads to other injuries.

From what I have been hearing from her, getting dressed is a comical endeavor. My dad has been assisting, curling her hair with a curling iron (because she can’t raise her arm above her head) and trying to put on hosiery to go to church may be impossible right now. She hasn’t decided if they are going to attempt it or not.

Getting old is the pits. I don’t believe anyone enjoys it. We lose more than our ability to do certain things, we lose our independence. I’m already seeing it at my age so I know it is even greater at my parents.

So has anyone found that fountain of youth yet?

2 thoughts on “Rumor Has It Wednesday

  1. My heart goes out to your Mom. I’ve had rotator cuff repair, and both knees replaced. Getting old certainly is for the faint of heart. It takes courage. I hope all goes well with your Mom.

  2. So sorry to hear this about your mom. Dh had both knees replaced and rotator cuff surgery on both shoulders. He says rotator cuff surgery is much more painful. But sometimes they can avoid surgery with therapy. I hope your mom can go that route. Bless her heart!

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