Guest Author Monday

Please welcome with me our Guest Author --G.D. Ogan I had the opportunity to talk at length with G.D. Ogan about his Immortal Relations Series. Q: Can you tell us a little about yourself? A: I’m a retired Air Force Major. I have a pair of graduate degrees unfortunately not in English or Literature. I’m… Continue reading Guest Author Monday

Sunday Sundaes

Today the children's choir opened the service singing two songs: Heaven's Going to Shine and I'm Gonna Sing, I'm Gonna Shout. They do a wonderful job, putting their little hearts into the songs. You could feel the Holy Spirit in the church and it did not leave when the children finished. It stayed and blessed… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes


Today I'd like to talk to you about the delicious heroes that fill everyone of Johanna Lindsey's historical novels. That's right. I know I have your attention because who hasn't been awestruck by her Malory series? Who didn't want to be trifled with by one of these rogues? James Malory, Anthony Malory? And later when… Continue reading TGIF…Heroes

What are You Reading Thursday – Guest Post

Hi, Leanne! Thank you for having me on your blog today. This week has been a crazy one for me. I’ve had my newest Christmas-themed short story, Christmas Wishes  published through Books To Go Now (Have I mentioned I love my publisher?) and am getting excited for my novel to be released on October 7… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday – Guest Post

Guest Author Monday

Please welcome with me today our Guest Author -- Gloria Marlow I was recently asked an interview question that really got me thinking. If I was going to cast a movie based on my upcoming release, who would I cast as the hero and heroine? Although I know many authors could answer this question without… Continue reading Guest Author Monday