Sunday Sundaes

Last Sunday in 2013. It started off rainy, then dried up, but the wind blew and it was cold. I went to church and we had a good service. Then my mom made vegetable soup for lunch and we read books for about an hour or so before I went home and laid down. I'm… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Play Date Saturday

Today is a take it easy day. Still recovering from my sinus surgery and after my trip for the post-op visit and having a lighted want with a camera on the tip stuck up my nose I feel like someone has hit me pretty hard in the nose. My eyes sting and burn often and… Continue reading Play Date Saturday


I've been reading Evermore book 1 in the Immortals series by Alyson Noel. The Immortals is an interesting concept. One immediately thinks Vampire when you think of Immortal because that is normally how they are references, but not in this case. Damen Auguste Esposito is an Immortal. He is the hero in the series, but… Continue reading TGIF…Heroes

Rumor Has It Wednesday

It's Christmas 2013. From my home to yours I'm praying you have a very Blessed Christmas and that you have the promise of eternity through Christ our Lord. His birth is the reason for the season. Not Santa Claus or Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, or Frosty the Snowman, those are man made entities that… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday

Random Thoughts Tuesday

’Twas The Night Before Jesus Came ‘Twas the night before Jesus came and all through the house Not a creature was praying, not one in the house. Their Bibles were lain on the shelf without care In hopes that Jesus would not come there. The children were dressing to crawl into bed, Not once ever… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Guest Author Monday

Please welcome today's Guest Author -- Carolynn Carey Thank you, Leanne, for letting me visit today. This is an especially exciting day for me. Today is release day for a Christmas anthology entitled Bells Will Be Ringing, published by Crimson Romance, and one of my short stories appears in the anthology.  “Merry’s Wonderful Christmas Gift,”… Continue reading Guest Author Monday


Today we have a guest post from author Kate McKeever The Anti-Hero                 As I go through my book shelf, I’m finding something interesting. Most of my “keeper” books have one thing in common. The anti-hero.  And if I go through my favorite movies and tv series, it’s even more obvious. Take Nathan Fillion, for… Continue reading TGIF…Heroes