Random Thought Tuesday

It finally rained last night. It didn’t just rain, it poured. It thundered. There was probably some lightening too. My head ached. My back ached. My vision was blurred. And today my head is still hurting and a little funky. Now that I’ve had lunch my stomach feels icky. I believe this must all be related to the migraine I had on Sunday. Praying I can make it through the predicted storms of this week.

Did you know that tonight, June 30th, Venus and Jupiter are supposed to be lined up perfectly to shine as bright as the Star of Bethlehem did the night that our Savior, Jesus Christ was born of a virgin? We are supposed to be able to see this alignment beginning tonight for the next week. Amazing? I think so.




Monday Monday

Can you believe it is the end of June already? Half the summer is gone. It’s fiscal year-end. New budget starts July 1. There is some many different ways you can look at this time of the year.

Sunday Sundaes

My first migraine in a while. Back hurting, head hurting, nausea. Not a good way to be on a the last gorgeous Sunday in June. Pretty sunlight and a cool breeze blowing. I sat on my front porch in the swing for a few minutes and enjoyed it before I had to go inside because I couldn’t take the swing swaying. I hope you had a better day and got to enjoy the outdoors.

TGIF … Friday

While everyone was celebrating what they considered a great day for the US, I was terribly saddened by the way my country has taken a huge leap away from God and the principles our founding fathers  created our country on. But the United States has been taking steps away from God for years. This did not happen overnight. We as Christians have sit back and let so many things happen to get to this point. It started out small and has grown to the point that it could be the downfall of our nation.

But it is not too late. We must have faith. We must love the sinners, but hate the sin. We must stand strong and believe in God’s word.

I’ve read many posts on Facebook and I liked what one commenter said. God knew this was going to happen. It wasn’t a surprise to Him. And He is still in control. He can make any trial a blessing. So hold fast and carry this new burden even if it brings us to our knees.