Random Thought Tuesday

It finally rained last night. It didn't just rain, it poured. It thundered. There was probably some lightening too. My head ached. My back ached. My vision was blurred. And today my head is still hurting and a little funky. Now that I've had lunch my stomach feels icky. I believe this must all be… Continue reading Random Thought Tuesday

Sunday Sundaes

My first migraine in a while. Back hurting, head hurting, nausea. Not a good way to be on a the last gorgeous Sunday in June. Pretty sunlight and a cool breeze blowing. I sat on my front porch in the swing for a few minutes and enjoyed it before I had to go inside because… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Play Date Saturday

Today is a writing day. It is suppose to rain and therefore I'm going to take the day to get more words written. It will be a good day and possible even lift my spirits though I feel like crying. I'll use these emotions to give depth to what is going on in my character's… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

TGIF … Friday

While everyone was celebrating what they considered a great day for the US, I was terribly saddened by the way my country has taken a huge leap away from God and the principles our founding fathers ¬†created our country on. But the United States has been taking steps away from God for years. This did… Continue reading TGIF … Friday

What are you Reading Thursday?

I get to read a first draft of the first half of Paxton, PI today. Anxious to see what this new series is going to be like. Isn't it good to be friends with the author? I'm thrilled she trusts me to read her work and give my opinion. She does the same for me.… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday?

Random Thoughts Tuesday

I have a mystery to solve. Yesterday, I opened the freezer up at work to put in my bottle of water to get cold and there on the bag of ice was a frozen blue hand. No. Not an actual hand, but one of those blue gloves used by medical personnel or even when cleaning… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday