What are You Reading Thursday

I'm still reading FLAWLESS. Delving deeper into the mystery of A. However, I have taken time out of reading for pleasure to read an advanced copy of Karen Hall's One Horse Open Sleigh Race. A very good, humorous, holiday love story. Hamish, the little Scottish terrier, steals the show. It will be released in the… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday

Rumor Has It Wednesday

The Hummingbird Place -- Your Home for Romance, a blog talk radio show will be moving from 6:30-7:00 p.m. EST to 7:00-8:00 p.m. EST beginning Monday, November 4th. Michael Weatherly from NCIS and his wife have welcomed a baby boy, LIAM. Price is Right former host, Bob Barker, will return to the show for his… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday

Random Thoughts Tuesday

So hot. They turned off the air and turned on the heat at work or something. And now it is in the upper 70s. I think we're having a heat wave, I can hear Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye singing from White Christmas. Cool us off again please. Or at least turn on the air!!… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Guest Author Monday

Please welcome with me today's author -- Denise Gwen Denise has a new release, Judging Rachel, that is now available at Soulmate Publishing. Rachel Levange is dreading the upcoming holidays, as it will mark the first season without her parents. Then, on top of all that, she gets involved in a car  and breaks her leg. Can… Continue reading Guest Author Monday

Play Date Saturday

It was a busy day to day. I had several things going on but here are a few of them: Baby shower time!  I've been to two bridal showers and two weddings since August. Now it's baby shower time!  My cousin Ashley will be welcoming her first baby in December. A little bouncing baby boy! … Continue reading Play Date Saturday


Today I'm going to give you a little sneak peak into my upcoming Christmas Novella.  A Charming Christmas. Matthew Steele is a retired attorney who realizes fifteen years after losing his wife to ovarian cancer that he failed as a husband and a father. Being retired gives him plenty of time to contemplate on what… Continue reading TGIF…Heroes

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Why is it I forget to do my blog posts? Betty White mocking Miley Cyrus. LOL. Why do doctor's make an appointment for 3:45 but you sit in the room and finally see them a little before 5:30?  I don't get it. Maybe I should send them a bill for my time. Glad I did… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday