Recipe Tuesday

With Halloween tomorrow, what treat will you be whipping up for your little ghouls and gobblins? The internet is full of suggestions from filo wrapped mini hotdogs to look like mummies to moonpies decorated to look like owl faces. But what if you don't have a lot of time or are not that creative? Here's… Continue reading Recipe Tuesday

The Effects of Hurricane Sandy

Even though the North East Coast is the main path of Hurricane Sandy everyone on the east coast is seeing the effects. Add in a few cold fronts coming down from Canada and the mix can be very unpleasant. We are seeing rain and colder temps than we'd like for the end of October. Just… Continue reading The Effects of Hurricane Sandy

Sunday Sundaes

Today we had choir practice before the evening service. We are preparing for our Christmas service the first Sunday in December and this was our first practice with the orchestra. It went really well I think. It was nice to hear the electric guitars, drums,  trumpets, french horn, flute, clarinet, baritone, xylophone and kettle drums with… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Play Date Saturday

Today I slept in. Not something I normally do on Saturdays. But when I woke and saw it was after 9:30 a.m. I was surprised. I hurried downstairs to check my laptop and my sales figures since I'm running a free download for one of my books. The figures looked promising and my rankings at… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

What Are You Reading Thursdays

I have started reading The Casanova Code by Donna MacMeans. This is book one in The Rake Patrol series. I got a signed copy when I was in Atlanta at the beginning of the month.  I like this motto that is featured on the front cover. Some secrets are better kept hidden...  Since I only… Continue reading What Are You Reading Thursdays