Monday Musings

Did  you miss me? You probably didn’t even realize I was gone. Which I wasn’t. I just hadn’t been posting to my blog. Missed one day and then another and before I knew it a whole week had gone by. I blame it all on the hiatus I took in December while I was recovering from my surgery. But I had no choice because I couldn’t sit in a desk chair or work on my laptop right away.

They say it takes 21 days of repetition to form a habit. My goal is to not miss a day for the next month and see if I can get back into my daily routine of blogging. I did it for almost three years without skipping a week so I know I can do it again. I’m determined.


Rumor Has It Wednesday

Papergate is over. I won. First draft complete. Conclusion paragraph needs a little fleshing, but for the most part the paper is done. Woo Hoo!!!

Son has a girl that is Skype chatting with him. I don’t know who she is, but my bloodhound skills are revving up. I will find out. He can’t keep a secret forever. I must have been a PI in my other life because I could be a good detective.

I broke through the writers block yesterday on my WIP, taking a different branch on the story tree to get to the ending. I think this will up the conflict and still give the characters what they want, a happy ending. Eager to get to my writing time today to find out where the story will lead. Another branch leading to multiples leaves or will I hit thorns?

Monday Musings

Spring Break and I have made my son come to work with me to work on a paper he needs to finish before the end of the week. I’m not seeing much activity from him, but he is not playing video games or sleeping the day away either. He may be frustrated but at least I know he is not having fun. Mean mom? I don’t think so because it is for his own good.

Play Date Saturday

Normally I would be spending the day with my writing peeps. Not today. Sadly the beautiful sunshine day we have on Friday prompted me to think that I could vacuum. Rewind back to December. I had major surgery. Fast forward back to March. I AM NOT COMPLETELY HEALED YET. That became rather obvious after two rooms. So I have been taking it easy, had a nap, watched a little television. Sat on the heating pad.

I will not be that forgetful again!