TGIF … Heroes

Nick Forrester agreed to stop my blog today and I couldn’t be more pleased. What better way to spend Halloween than with a handsome man? Welcome, Nick!

perf5.000x8.000.inddTell us a bit about Caper Magic. As you can see by the blurb, I came to Cape Brendan to help my Uncle Hank run this annual lunacy called Caper Madness. He’s not been feeling well and I needed to spend some time with him before . . . you know.

Been there, done that. What did you think the first time you saw Nunie Doyle? That she had the longest legs in the known universe.

Not bad, kid. And your second thought? I wondered how that velvet fall of hair would feel as it brushed against my skin.

Did you think it was love at first sight? Hell no. Once she opened her mouth and that Irish brogue sang out, a nasty tingle ran up my back. Then Hank said her name. Never in a million years did I think I’d run into the Crone of Crozier College in the middle of Cape Brendan. Believe me, her legs could stretch from here to Long Island; her hair could burn me live with its fire. Love is the last emotion I’d ever feel for this . . . dame.

What do you like most about her? As it turns out, she’s got more guts than most guys I know, and more integrity. She’s a wonder, my Nunie.

How would you describe her? Caring, tireless, gutsy, loyal. Forgiving.

How would she describe you? A skeeving git.

What made you choose legal investigations as a second career? I retired from the Syracuse Police Department a few years ago but boredom set in real soon. One of the biggest law firms in town hired me as Chief Investigator. The pay is good; it keeps me off the streets and out of the bars; plus, it pays the rent. And I’m rarely bored.

What is your biggest fear? That I’ll lose Uncle Hank before I have the opportunity to tell him how much I respect, admire and revere him for all he did for me and my sister when we were abandoned by our parents.

How do you relax? When I figure that one out, I’ll let you know.

Who’s your favorite fictional character and why? Mitch Rapp, the CIA operative in the political thriller series conceived by the late Vince Flynn. The man has an ego as big as all outdoors with a heart to match. I’m so sorry there won’t be any new adventures for old Mitch.

What is the best piece of advice you ever received? On the day I graduated from the police academy Uncle Hank told me to listen to my gut, then my heart and make a decision. Don’t drag your ass, boy, he said. If it’s not the best decision you’ll always have the opportunity to go back and make things right.

Thanks, Nick. Can’t wait to show you what we’ve got in store for you in the next Cape Brendan story.

Unh oh. Do I get antsy now or wait?

We’ll let you know.

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What are You Reading Thursday?

So many books have been released this week so I know it is probably hard to decide what you want to read. But think of it like a candy bowl filled with all your favorites. Just reach in and grab one and open it up to see what’s inside. Go on. You know you want to. So reach into your bookshelf and grab one to read. You don’t know what adventure awaits you.

Rumor Has It Wednesday

TwistedSixteen_600x900Did you hear the screaming last night?  Boy I did. No, it wasn’t a ghoul. It was my pal Lexi Witcher screaming for joy. About 8 p.m. last night she got an email that Twisted Sixteen was released four hours early on Amazon.  Today is release day for Twisted Sixteen, her second book and the second book in the Dodie Jenks Series.  She’s pretty excited as any author would be when they have a new release. If you have the time you should check the series out.

Little did she know she’d be sharing this day with National Cat Day. That’s right. You can love her book and your cat and since the back cover of Twisted has a black cat on it that is one more reason to love it.

black cat


Random Thoughts Tuesday

Why is it some days you really want to crawl under your bed and not come out? I do not like feeling this way.

Woke up hot, sweaty and yet freezing at the same time. Indigestion too. Was like this last month around this time. I hope this is not a new montly trend.

Halloween is three days away. Do you have your spooky, ghoulish outfit yet?

JAMBERRY NAIL PARTY TONIGHT  8 p.m. on Facebook. Come find me.

Guest Author Monday

Please welcome this week’s guest author — Chris Karlsen

Layering the character’s obstacles

knightsintimeKnights in Time is a three book anthology built around three friends who are also knights. Time-travel and reincarnation are the foundations for the stories. I discovered as I approached the solutions to the obstacles I put in the paths of the heroes and heroines, I wanted to throw in one more complication.

In Heroes Live Forever, two medieval knights Basil Manneville and Guy Guiscard, haunt the house a young Englishwoman, Elinor Hawthorne, has inherited from her grandmother. Basil and Guy reveal their ghostly presence to Elinor early in the story. As the story progresses, Elinor falls in love with Basil. The fact she’s a mortal and he’s a ghost presents is a large obstacle to “life” together they long for. A solution to their problem exists. However…I thought wouldn’t it be fun to have an unexpected problem in the solution to overcome? Nothing works out the way the hero planned.

In Journey in Time, the best friends of the hero and heroine in Heroes Live Forever, Shakira and Alex/Guy are thrown back in time. They find themselves in England, in the year 1355. Alex/Guy has a strong connection to the period. That connection will cost him his life if they don’t find a way back to the present. Just when it looks like a saving solution is on the horizon, I decided to throw a monkey wrench in their plans.

As a detective for over two decades, I spent a lot of time in courtrooms. In addition to testifying, I observed how the prosecutor presented evidence of guilt and how the defense attempted to cast doubt on the strength and validity of the State’s case.

The heroine, Shakira in the modern world is a successful London attorney. I wanted to use my courtroom experience to complicate her life. When she is accused of a crime, in a case of he said/she said, and where the accuser is truly the guilty party, I had to give her both a means to defend and prosecute. The added challenge to me, the author, was to rely on evidence without the benefit science gives us today.

Knight Blindness is also a time-travel but to put a different spin on it, I brought the medieval knight, Stephen Palmer forward to our time. To make things even more difficult a wound he received in battle just before being transported in time has left him blind. With the help of the heroine, Esme Crippen, he must learn to function in a world where almost everything is alien to him. Not only is the environment filled with unknowns, his blindness keeps him from having context for what he’s experiencing. To make achieving this harder, I veered from my original outline and decided to bring the enemy knight forward as well.

As an author, stirring things up just when things look good for the characters has taken me through lots of ups and downs. In the end, I was always glad I took the time to layer in another hurdle.

Play Date Saturday

Cleaning a teenage boy’s room is not a fun way to spend a Saturday, even for an hour or so. It can prove that one’s belief that what you say filters through one ear and right out the other without being heard. It can also raise one’s blood pressure when you find homework packets that were supposed to have been completed and turned in for credit the day before unfinished and lying in the floor. O M G !!!  Enough said.