Play Date Saturday

Still recovering from surgery. Watched TV, finished judging Maggie entries and a few movies: Joyful Noise with Dolly Parton and Queen Latifah. Law & Order SVU marathon on USA and ended the evening with Christmas in July Dick Powell and Ellen Drew.


Random Thoughts Friday

Yesterday the temperature got up to over 100 degrees. I knew it was warm out by the way the sun was shining and it was coming in my window where I napped, but didn't know it was that hot. I wonder if the temp will get as high? We need rain bad. My yard it… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

What are you Reading Thursday

I spent the day watching instead of reading. I watched a BBC 5 episode edition of Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice. It was made in 1980 and was different from the version with Colin Firth. This one showed much more detail about Mr. Collins and Charlotte and painted a clearer picture of some of the… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday

Sunday Sundaes

Home from Romfest 2012 This post is going to veer from my normal topic of Sunday memories from my youth. I'd like to talk about what fun was had the last few days. This was a first conference, but it was great. The variety of people that came contributed I believe. We learned a little… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes