Play Date Saturday

Today did not go as planned. I did not get to paint because I woke with a migraine. It lingered all day. So it became a day of rest. I saw The Big Wedding on DVD. It was okay. Glad I did not waste my money on seeing it at the theater. So many movies… Continue reading Play Date Saturday


One of the less talked about heroes in my stories is probably Derek Smythe from A Country Kitchen Christmas. Mainly because this is a short story. I wrote it for a Christmas short story contest one of my writing chapter members puts on almost every year. The criteria was it had to be 10K words… Continue reading TGIF…Heroes

What are You Reading Thursday?

Today I've been reading a very good review for one of my books Because of Rebecca. I just happened upon it over at Amazon and couldn't believe it. It is always a nice surprise to get a great review and to see what others think about your work. She gave me a 4 star rating,… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday?

Guest Author Monday

Today please welcome our Guest Author -- Marcia King-Gamble What’s love got to do with it?  Anyone remember those lyrics made famous by singer, Tina Turner? Over the years, I’ve thought about those exact words and wondered if there was truth to them.  As a writer and a people watcher I have a tendency to… Continue reading Guest Author Monday

Sunday Sundaes

I went to another bridal shower today. I have not two, but three cousins getting married in the next two months. Two are getting married on the same day as I found out today. I know I'm invited to one of those weddings so I hope if I get invited to the other that they… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Play Date Saturday

Today is a working day. It started early when the Direct TV guy came and installed my new genie DVR, connected my old DVR and the new one to my wireless router and gave me more TV options than before. Now it's time to get to work. It's painting day! I'm going to paint my… Continue reading Play Date Saturday


I've been talking about my historical characters, but this week let's switch to contemporary. Specifically the heroes in The Good Luck Series. No three guys could be less alike. Darren Wright is a go getter, hot shot advertising executive who has spent several years in the Big Apple. Kyle Landers is a laid-back, easy going… Continue reading TGIF…Heroes

What are you Reading Thursday?

For the past few days I have been reviewing memos and revising them, pulling data together to update the semester calendar of important dates and reading countless emails from graduate students who have questions about financial aid, funding, and when their tuition will be paid. I'm not complaining. This is part of my job and… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday?