TGIF . . . Friday

The first morning this week we haven't woken to new fallen snow. At least I think that is right. We've had so much snow for the last two weeks I can't keep track. I am so ready for spring. March can come in like a lion at this point and I'd welcome it. I like… Continue reading TGIF . . . Friday

What are you Reading Thursday?

With the snow days we've been having, it has been the perfect opportunity to curl up with a good book. I hadn't done that since before I went back to work in January. Meaning I hadn't finished Once Upon a Tower. I am glad that I was able to pick up where I left off… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday?

Rumor Has It Wednesday

The air is so dry and full of static electricity that my hair is standing up and I look like Medusa in the mornings. Not a pretty sight! More snow in the forecast. A southern slider is expected to come through bringing more snow and cold temps with it. Fog + Low Temps = Frozen… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Is Mother Nature and Old Man Winter in a feud? We've not had this much snow and ice since I was a child. Me thinks they need to 'Let is Go'. It's time for SPRING. Think Spring, not Winter. My poor Shi tzu is confused. Everytime she goes out to potty there is more snow… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Monday Musings

It has been eight days since my son has been to school. He was ill for two, observed an inservice day, but the other five have been snowdays. I'm not complaining. I'd rather he be safe at home than on a school bus traveling across icy roads. I've seen some parents posting on social media… Continue reading Monday Musings

Sunday Sundaes

Church services was cancelled today. Not due to the weather really, but because there was a mechanical failure with our heating unit. Though I did hear that the parking lot was still frozen over. But maybe the temp getting close to 40 today helped with that situation. It was a foggy start to the day… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Play Date Saturday

I woke to snow falling on the already accumulated ice and snow that covers the ground. Eventually it turned to freezing rain on top of that. What a Saturday! ┬áNo cold water in the bathroom shower, yet there was plenty at the sink faucet. And with the temps still below freezing no laundry was done… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

What are You Reading Thursday?

I finished the 28 disc audiobook of Outlander! Wow. That is all I can say. Wow. I was impressed by the detail and the depth she took with the characters and the whole story arc. I also read a Christmas short story by Susan Smith Alvis from Kindle Worlds. Mystic Christmas is a fan fiction… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday?