Cooling down for an early Fall?

I know it is just the end of July, but it felt pretty cool out yesterday afternoon/early evening. It made me think of September instead of August. Maybe it was a fluke, but some of the trees are looking kinda brown and that is probably more due to the dry weather we've had than leaves… Continue reading Cooling down for an early Fall?

Sunday Sundaes

We had Vacation Bible School Commencement at church today. The youth did something I had never seen before. The younger kids sang songs they learned this week, but the youth participated by giving their testimony without saying a word. How did they do this you might ask? Simple. They each carried a cardboard sign that… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Random Thoughts Friday

It is so easy to have ones creative focus changed. A prime example happened Wednesday. I was totally engrossed in working on my next novel when I read an email that had me checking out a book on writing scenes and it inspired me to see a new direction for the characters to take in… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday

Rumor Has It Wednesday

Actor Sherman Hemsley, known best as George Jefferson  passed away on Tuesday in El Paso, TX. He was 74. Historical Author Karen Hawkins was on her way to RWA2012. She won big money during a layover at the Vegas airport. Will this little escapade make it into a future book? Hmmm... maybe a new contemporary? … Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday