Queen of the Hollow Release Day!

Jacci DeVera is taking over my blog today. Run out and get her latest release: Queen of the Hollow. “Queen of the Hollow” So what’s going on here? I was raised on a dairy farm. If you weren’t working, you were wasting time. I enjoyed nothing more than reading a book, which was frowned upon.… Continue reading Queen of the Hollow Release Day!

Monday Monday

I survived! I made it through the week of training and lived! Working 30 hours between my two jobs was hard and I spent most of Saturday asleep, but I survived. Whew! So glad it is over and things will get back to normal except for the evenings or weekends when I am working. I'm… Continue reading Monday Monday

TGIF … Friday

Wow! That is all I can say about this week, except TGIF!!!! I have taken a part-time job in the evenings and I have been training all this week. It has been pretty intense working two jobs, not getting the sleep I normally get at night and still being able to function. I haven't been… Continue reading TGIF … Friday

Rumor Has It Wednesday

My mother has been having problems with her knees for months now. She's been to the orthopedic doctor and she's been on steroid shots, etc. to try and help her stand for long periods of time and get around. However, lately her legs are giving out on her, or buckling. This happened on Monday and… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Went to Pigeon Forge yesterday. Weatherman said it would be foggy. True. Weatherman said it would be in the 60s, but would slowly climb to 71 by noon. False. In Pigeon Forge it was in the low 80s. Sun was shining so it was hot. Hot. Hot. I was dressed too warm. I was uncomfortable.… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

What are you Reading Thursday

Day 9 & 10 - Jury Duty Jurors are not needed on Thursday and Friday. This ends your period of service. I'm bummed. I didn't get to serve and yet I was glad to not report each day I wasn't called to do so. Mixed feelings. Yep. I would have liked to experience of serving.… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Day 7 - Jury Duty Not needed. Check on Wednesday. So glad today I did not have to go. I have a lunch meeting and then a meeting at my son's school this afternoon. At this point I'm not sure I want to report tomorrow, especially if jurors are not needed on Thursdays and Fridays.… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Monday Monday

Day 6 -- Jury Duty Not needed. Call back about Tuesday. Whew! Looks like this week might not happen either. Hoping it doesn't need to be at work on Tuesday. Recap of the weekend. I was in Union County on Saturday at their Heritage Festival to sign books. I didn't sell any, but I did… Continue reading Monday Monday


What a week! Rain here. Rain there. Now it looks like we are going to see rain all weekend, but rain is good. It might make it messy out, but we need the rain. It washes away the pollen. Gets rid of those offending ragweed and goldenrod particles that give so many of us allergy… Continue reading TGIF…Friday

What are you Reading Thursday?

Day 4 & 5- Jury Duty Jurors are not needed on Thursdays and Fridays. So I'm reading Celebrations of Joy by Carolynn Carey, a prequel to her Barbourville Series. Very good series. I've also read an excerpt from Night with the Seal by Cat Johnson. I'm intrigued and hope to read this one in her… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday?