Play Date Saturday

I spent most of my day helping my son complete a collage for his social studies class. He is the type that cannot express himself, especially in writing. The questions he had to answer meant he had to talk about himself to define how his culture plays a part in his life. So I prodded him about every question until he had them all answered then we had to find pictures that represented at least 8 areas to create the collage.  Who knew it could take the better part of the day?

As a treat I went to see Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2. I tried to take my son, but he refused to go because he had other plans which meant he wanted to play on the computer. So he stayed with his grandparents. Did I feel bad going and leaving him behind. Yes, since he had wanted to see it, but it was his choice. I’ll buy the DVD when it is released and we’ll watch it together then. I read most of the book to him  … gosh has it really been four years ago now? Anyway it was great. I think it was better than all the other ones.

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