Sunday Sundaes

Boomsday 2013

boomsdaySince 1988 the city of Knoxville has celebrated Labor Day with a fireworks display. It all started with a radio station called U102 and after a few years became so big that the city took it over. Now it has been moved from Labor Day to Sunday evening so folks who have to work on Monday or even Tuesday can enjoy the all day festivities that go on down by the water front and end with a 30 minute firework display set to music from country to rock to classical. It is an awesome spectacle to watch. Extremely loud if you are down at the waterfront. And with someone with allergies it is a breathing nightmare from the smoke in the air. I’ve been there twice, And trying to get off the university campus is a nightmare. Since then I have watched from the comfort of my living room. I can hear the music at a decent decibel and I have a birds eye view of the fireworks. Last night I even got a far off view of the city at the end of the display and it did look like it had been under fire attack with all the smoke and lights. The only thing missing (and I sure wasn’t missing it) was the smell of discharged fireworks.

Happy Labor Day everyone!

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