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Today, please welcome with my our Guest Author — Marilyn Baron

Under the Moon Gate: The Spy Who Loved Her

My husband and I love to read spy thrillers and we’re both obsessed with books and movies about World War II. So when I wrote Under the Moon Gate, I knew I’d have to include a WWII theme if I wanted my husband to read it. I set my latest release, a romantic thriller/historical, in contemporary, and WWII Bermuda (August 9 release date) and it contains two romances. One between The Princess and the Pirate and another between the Socialite and the Spy. The prequel, Destiny: A Bermuda Love Story, (released Sept. 11) features a romance with the ancestors of the characters in Under the Moon Gate. In Under the Moon Gate, the 17th century characters finally fulfill their destiny.

I’ve been to Bermuda about ten times on vacation so I was very familiar with the island. As far as WWII -era Bermuda, I had to do a lot of research in libraries and studying old newspapers and I enjoyed that since I love reading about WWII. When I did, I discovered this paragraph that sparked my interest:

After the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Bermuda was surrounded by German U-boats. Although the move cut off vital supplies, the islands were never invaded. Why did the Germans stop short of capturing that tiny speck in the ocean, when the value of controlling such a strategic possession could have altered the course of the war?

Under the Moon Gate is my fictional account of why Bermuda was spared. It was first conceived about 10 years ago. It was part of a more ambitious project called The Bermuda Triangle: A Love Story and encompassed three generations. The book has been through many iterations since then.

Under the Moon Gate is packed with romance and intrigue — Nazi spies, Swiss gold and beautiful heiresses. Here are the blurbs about my latest releases.

UndertheMoon_w7177_750 (2)Dashing sea captain Nathaniel Morgan sails into the life of prim and proper Bermuda heiress Patience Whitestone and threatens to expose her family secrets at any cost. The two are immediately at odds when Nathaniel moors his vessel in front of her estate and refuses to leave until he finds the cache of Swiss gold he’s convinced was buried somewhere on the property during World War II. Can Patience save herself and her family’s reputation when she finds herself reluctantly drawn to this determined “pirate”? Or will someone from the past make good on his threat to destroy them both? Their fate is inextricably linked to Nazi plots and to the beautiful moon gates of Bermuda in this compelling tale of love and intrigue.


AMAZON (E-Book)    AMAZON (Paperback)   THE WILD ROSE PRESS (Paperback)

Here’s an excerpt from Under the Moon Gate:

Patience yanked open the thick Bermuda cedar door, ready to brush off the unwanted visitor. Instead, she experienced a shock of recognition when she stared at the man standing before her. Taking a step back, she examined him cautiously. With long black hair, pulled back by a stark white tie, stunning blue eyes, and a fabulous face that managed to look both sensitive and sensuous, he could easily pass for a dangerous pirate. Perhaps she was daydreaming or hallucinating. She hadn’t gotten much sleep last night—or any night in the past month—and she had been reading a romance with a lusty pirate hero on the cover. Probably she still had pirates on the brain.

Although the man at her door was in desperate need of a shave, he intrigued her. Her “pirate” was a tall, imposing presence in tight-fitting but ragged khakis, with muscles bulging out of a snug, sweatstained white T-shirt. Good Lord! was the first coherent thought that pierced her brain. She might have said it out loud had she been capable of speech. Her grandmother had said someone would come for her, but certainly she didn’t mean so soon and definitely not this brash pirate person. And what was he doing at her door, unannounced and unwelcome, on a Sunday afternoon, disturbing her peace and leaving her speechless? One look at this man and she was about to toss all thoughts of proper behavior out the window.

ABermudaLoveStory_w7840_750 (2)Now out in e-Book from The Wild Rose Press, DESTINY: A BERMUDA LOVE STORY, is the prequel to UNDER THE MOON GATE.

The relationship of star-crossed lovers Elizabeth Sutton and Edward Morgan founders off the coast of Bermuda with the shipwreck of the Sea Venture in the seventeenth century.  Edward is seduced by the captain’s daughter and trapped into an unhappy marriage, but he and his new wife continue the voyage to Virginia to rescue the starving Jamestown Colony.

Elizabeth, still in England and pregnant with Edward’s child, receives Edward’s letters telling of the shipwreck but knows nothing of his marriage. When her child is old enough, Elizabeth follows Edward as far as Bermuda.  Will he return and will the lovers be reunited, or will their eternally entwined souls search forever to fulfill their destiny?



Excerpt from: Destiny: A Bermuda Love Story

Edward Morgan placed the chain of the heart-shaped locket around Elizabeth’s neck and lowered his mouth to hers for a searing farewell kiss. He wanted to brand this moment in his memory. She was so young, so impossibly beautiful. She tasted sweet, so sweet. And she was his.

“Now we are officially promised to each other,” he vowed.

Elizabeth lifted the gleaming silver locket and smiled at the intertwined E’s newly engraved in script on the back of the pendant. “Oh, Edward! You had our initials engraved. It’s so

fancy. But the only promise I need from you is that you’ll come back for me.”

“I promise that wherever I am, no matter what happens, I will find you, Elizabeth Sutton.”

“I will be waiting,” Elizabeth answered with a certainty that signaled nothing could ever come between them. “Forever, if I have to.”

I hope you’ll visit my Web site at, which also features a Bermuda theme, to learn about my other stories and books.


Marilyn is a public relations consultant in Atlanta, a PRO member of Romance Writers of America (RWA) and Georgia Romance Writers (GRW) and winner of the GRW 2009 Chapter Service Award. She writes humorous women’s fiction, romantic thrillers/suspense and paranormal.

She was born in Miami, Florida, and graduated from The University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida, with a Bachelor of Science in Journalism (Public Relations) and a Minor in English (Creative Writing). Go Gators! She lives in Roswell, Georgia, with her husband, and she spends a lot of time hovering over her two wonderful daughters.

Marilyn’s humorous women’s fiction, Significant Others, and her paranormal romantic suspense, Sixth Sense, are also out in eBooks and will be out in paperback format Nov. 29 and Dec. 20 respectively. You can find more information about them on her Website at

Where to find Marilyn-

Web site –




Thanks Marilyn for joining us today.                            

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