Play Date Saturday

Wow today has been one party after another. First off the Smoky Mountain Romance Writers gathered for their annual Christmas party where we ate, exchanged white elephant gifts and played Dirty Santa (meaning we could steal if we saw something we liked better). I had my gift snatched away, so I had to snatch a gift from someone.

Then I went to my Sunday School Class Christmas Party and we ate, we exchanged gifts and once again played Dirty Santa. I had every gift I chose stolen and ended up with a bag of candy. And would you believe my son decided that meant it was fair game for him to eat once we got home. What is up with kids today? I didn’t try to take his knife away from him.  In all honesty he’ll end up with it in the end because I’ll put it in his stocking or let him have it, but I did try to make a fuss when he tried to eat it.

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