The heroes of the Evolution Series, set in Charlemagne’s Empire, by Jill Hughey.

The Evolution Series consists of five stories. I’m going to talk about the heroes of the three full-length novels that are all connected by the men. The titles even describe them!

Unbidden150x225Unbidden’s hero is named David. The second son of a nobleman, he has developed a reputation as a skilled soldier which earns the emperor’s notice when he needs a warrior to hold an estate in a strategic place in the empire. Betrothal to a beautiful young heiress goes along with it, though she knows nothing about the plan until confronted by the emperor in an interview that begins David and Rochelle’s battle of wills. David is the most archetypical hero I’ve written, though even he is not perfect. Unbidden was just released as an audiobook this week, and is available as an ebook (free at most vendors), and also in print at Amazon.

The villain of the first book becomes the hero of the second, hence the title Redeemed. Doeg is David’s jealous older brother. Doeg is physically and emotionally RedeemedNew133x200scarred by his father, abuse that David avoided by being raised by relatives. Three years after doing his best to sabotage David’s chance at happiness with Rochelle, Doeg is trying to reform himself and revitalize his estate. He desperately needs a wife to share the load but will do anything to avoid intimacy.

Vain150x225In the third book, Vain, David’s best friend, Theophilus (Theo), inadvertently makes his wish from years ago – to marry a woman who sews ‑ come true when he is caught in a compromising situation with his tailor’s daughter. His resentment at marrying a woman from an inferior class is slowly overwhelmed by blossoming love.

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