Special Guest Author Tuesday

Please welcome our special Guest Author Tuesday Author — Juli Alexander

Today is release day for Undercover with the Hottie, her latest Young Adult Novel.

A First Look at Undercover with the Hottie

InvestHottieInvestigating the Hottie has a reputation for bringing the funny.  Amanda managed to reel in the hottie in the first book.  Sure, it was a little awkward that she had been lying to him, spying on him, and pretty much believed him to be a dangerous criminal.

In Undercover with the Hottie, the pair investigates a very real threat, the assassination plot against the UN Secretary General.  They’ve got backup, with Christieundercover with the hottie and Nic, and Will’s brilliant and restless grandmother.  Malicious criminals bring serious danger.


Here’s some breaking news…

In Undercover with the Hottie, somebody gets kidnapped.

That’s right.  Our favorite GASI agents find themselves in deep water when they travel to the Big Apple to help protect the UN Secretary General.  One of our  fearless heroes is kidnapped and held hostage.

Is it Will?  Amanda?  Nic?  Christie?  Grandma?

Here’s a quick look at the book using random words relevant to the plot.

New Year’s Eve * brass knuckles * twins * butt kicking * phone chargers * Rockefeller Center *

Empire State Building * world leaders * tomato eye * contact lens * Time’s Square * Mistletoe *

confetti * leapfrog * Chancellor * wishes * President * kisses * Vespa * secrets *  body armor *

interrogation * Avaritia Militia * virus * eel eyeballs * rooftop garden * flirting * Punch Packer

Awkward meet awkarder, er, more awkward, because in Undercover with the Hottie, Will and Amanda have to hide their relationship because their lives depend on convincing everyone that they are brother and sister.  And yeah, like the first book in the series, this book brings the funny.

Find out more on January 21, 2014 when the book goes live on Amazon!

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