Bad Boy Heroes:  Tarnished Saints Series

Elizabeth Rose

First, I’d like to say thanks for having me as your guest today, Leanne. Today I’m going to be talking about my new ‘bad boy’ series, Tarnished Saints.

The Taylor twelve are twelve brothers, yes I said twelve, and the sons of a late minister. But believe me, these men are far from saints, as a matter of fact, they are nothing but trouble. The late minister, Webster Taylor wanted twelve sons to carry on his work when he was gone, and he got them. He even went as far as to name them after the twelve apostles.

DThomas300The series starts with Doubting Thomas – Book 1. Thomas Taylor is a single father of six boys. He lives on Thunder Lake in the small town of Sweet Water, Michigan and has been accused of killing his second wife. He prays for an angel to guide him, and instead he gets a social worker from Children’s Protective Services, though he doesn’t know it. And while Angel DeMitri decides to pay him an unofficial visit to see if he is a fit father, she ends up more involved in his troubles than she’d ever imagined.

Book two is Luring Levi. Matthew Levi Taylor has just been released from the last seven years in prisonLevirevised2300 for tax evasion, turned in by his brother, Judas. And when he returns to Sweet Water, life changes drastically for him. Before he knows it, the small town has elected him mayor, and he finds himself as escort to a food reviewer who comes to town to participate in judging the food at the local fair. Candace Kane shows up with her twins in store, surprised to find that her escort is the man who slept with her and disappeared for seven years without even saying goodbye, as is also the father of her children.

Watch for Judging JudasBook 3 to be released this April/May. Judas returns to Sweet Water as their new sheriff. He’s always been a man who would do anything to serve justice, even send his own Judas300brother to prison. But he has choices to make that will challenge everything he believes in when his old flame, Delaney McDermott shows up in town.

Each brother has had his hardships and has veered off into a direction that is not expected of a minister’s son. But with good women behind them, they can find the strength to leave their past behind and change.

The other books in the series are planned to be released approximately one every two months. The other brothers in the series are Peter – the minister with tatooes who rides a motorcycle, the twins – James Alphaeus the cowboy, and James Zebedee (Zeb) the stripper turned lawyer. These will be followed by Andrew, Simon, Philip, John, Nate, and the youngest brother, Thad.

Judging Judas will be my 30th book. Please stop by my website to read excerpts of any of my works, as well as to watch my new book trailer videos. And for those of you who enjoy medieval romance, you may want to pick up my FREE prequel of Daughters of the Dagger. This series runs into my MadMan MacKeefe Scottish series. Or try my Legacy of the Blade Series. Or for something paranormal, my Elemental Series or

Greek Myth Fantasies.

Thanks for having me as a guest, and if anyone would like to drop me a personal note you can do so at And my website once again is Please stop by and leave a comment, as I love to hear from my readers, and would also love to know what kind of ‘bad boys’ you would like to see in my Tarnished Saints Series!

Elizabeth Rose

Excerpt from Doubting Thomas:

Angel made her way to the one bedroom, and stopped in the doorway, not able to believe her eyes. One large bed sat in the middle of the room. A dresser hugged the far wall, and a coat-tree loaded down with clothes was next to the closet. A half dozen trunks lined the floor. There were two very old, torn, sleeping bags at the foot of the bed, and a closet too full to close. She wandered over and looked inside to see what looked like a pile of laundry and a small pillow making up someone’s bed on the floor within.

“This is unacceptable,” she said aloud, knowing now that Thomas Taylor was everything the townspeople had gossiped about.

“What’s unacceptable?” came a low voice from behind her.

She jumped in surprise, and turned around so quickly, the plate of cookies fell from her hand and hit the ground. Thank goodness Agnes had thought to use a paper plate.

“Mr. Taylor!”

Standing in the doorway with one arm against the doorframe and the other on his hip, was Thomas Taylor, blocking the entrance and trapping her inside. His tall body and rugged build was more pronounced in such small quarters. His shoulder-length hair was windblown, and his shirt was unbuttoned to the waist. Sweat glistened on his chest, and her eyes followed a droplet as it ran in a rivulet down to his slim waist and disappeared into the top of his worn jeans.

“I thought you were in Brighton,” she said, feeling the heat of her face consuming her for getting caught  – no less in the man’s bedroom.

“Obviously,” he said, lowering his arm and stepping into the room.

She took a step backward as he took one forward, wishing now she’d never been so bold to enter.

“I brought over some cookies as a peace offering.” She knelt quickly, scooping the cookies back onto the plate and trying to recover them with the foil. “I wrongly accused Josh of throwing a rock at me when it was Jake who did it. I wanted to apologize and I . . .”

His feet were right in front of her nose and she looked up his long legs to his face staring down at her. One small gold hoop earring glistened in the sun from the window. His eyes were dark with anger, his face badly in need of a shave.

“Tell me, Ms. DeMitri, why are you in my bedroom?”

“I told you.” She collected up the cookies and stood to face him. “I came to make amends.”

The anger in his eyes changed as he took a step closer. She moved back, meaning to get away from him, backing into the bed and falling upon it instead.

“I can’t remember the last time a woman came to my bedroom to make amends.”

He leaned forward, a hand on each side of her as his face came so close she could feel his breath on her lips.

“Usually it only means one thing. Am I to assume you mean to make amends between my sheets?”


Lizcoffee300Elizabeth Rose lives in the suburbs of Chicago, is married and has two sons. She loves anything medieval, paranormal or remotely mystical. Her books feature strong heroes with tarnished pasts or inner demons, and feisty, independent heroines who usually know how to wield a sword.

Her books have been seen on Wild Chicago and The Oracle of Delphi has been seen on the History Channel. She is currently working on her 30th book, and does all her own covers and booktrailers. You can find more info on her books at her website, so be sure to visit and sign up for her email list to receive updates, new releases, free books, and sneak peeks at upcoming covers. Also, please stop by and like her page on Facebook. Her books are available at Amazon,Smashwords, Barnes & Noble, Apple and Kobo.


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