Sunday Sundae

Another day waking with a Migraine. This is three days in a row. I missed one day of work when I had to turn around and come back home halfway there. This has been a bad week. I’m not sure if it the high humidity that is playing havoc with me or if it is the fact that this is a Solstice month.

Let me explain. Last September I had a Migraine almost every day that month. The June before that I had one day where I had hot flashes,  was nauseated and couldn’t eat until around 7 p.m. that evening. The March before that I was in DC and had a Migraine that lasted two days and was so bad I was wearing my sunglasses even in a low lighted restaurant because I was so sensitive. Let’s skip forward to March of this year I had a four day nausea fest.  And that leads up to this month where I’ve had four weeks of off and on Migraine headaches.

What do March, June, and September have in common? They are all Solstice months. Changing of the seasons.  What about December you say?  I had Sinus Surgery and was on pretty heavy painkillers during that time so that kinda kept the symptoms at bay. But December 2012 I was recovering from Shingles at the beginning of the month and I’m not recalling anything else from then, but with all the headaches I’ve been having my memory isn’t the greatest at times.

Whether my theory is on the mark or not, and it could be the silliest notion in the world I admit. But I have always found August to be a bad month for PMS and I felt it had to do with the hurricane season. I’ve had friends complain about how bad August was for them too. And I’ve always felt that nature plays a big part, I mean after all, don’t they say DON’T MESS WITH MOTHER NATURE

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