Play Date Saturday

Fairy Godmother?

Apparently that is what I have been for the past seventeen years without knowing it. My romance writers group, the Smoky Mountain Romance Writers, presented me with the Fairy Godmother award thanking me for making so many of their dreams come true. Our president, Kate McKeever, counted up that 15 new authors had come out of SMRW in the last seventeen years. That is wonderful! And therefore they felt that none of those dreams would have come true if I had not started the chapter in 1997.

sharon presenting awardLeanne Tyler Fairy Godmother I don’t normally like to draw attention to myself but I love this group of writers so much and I am recognizing them really. Sure I had a vision of getting other writers together, but SMRW wasn’t me, it was them all these years. I am one person. They are the organization. Without each other the group couldn’t have prospered.

Thank you ladies for this wonderful honor. I appreciate it.

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