Random Thoughts Tuesday

The Ferguson, MO grand jury decision was announced and people are protesting, looting, vandalizing and acting crazy just because it didn’t go the way they thought it should. What has changed in America that has made the people in this country think that popular opinion rules?  Is it the bold and brash power of speech that social media has given us? When did the law and the rulings of the courts suddenly mean nothing?

Marching, voicing an opinion through protest is your right of free speech, but looting and burning other people’s businesses and property just because you don’t agree with what has happened shows lack of respect for yourself, your fellow man, and your country. The destruction that is being left in the wake by the outraged crowds in Ferguson, MO is not going to bring Michael Brown back. It is not the answer. Do I believe police brutality should be tolerated? No. Do I believe that is what was happening here? No. And obviously if the grand jury couldn’t find enough evidence to indite, then neither did they. So shouldn’t we believe that justice was served? Normally you would think that because the laws and judicial system were put into place to protect us.

However, there are some people out there who are looking for any reason to cause a riot or unrest. Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton get on the media and they call for action inciting the crowd. But in the end what is all of this going to accomplish? Nothing good.



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