Random Thoughts Tuesday

Praying for the families of the victims in the two bus crash this afternoon. Three lost their lives. I’ve seen reports they were two young children and a teachers aid. Over twenty were sent to the hospital to be checked out at the ER. It is a sad tragedy. Be careful when you are driving, especially when it has been raining. An account was that this happened as a result of another vehicle swerving which caused the two buses to slam on their brakes and collide, flipping one of the buses. The swerving vehicle was unharmed. This could happen to anyone, anywhere, and under any condition. We never know when it could be us in this situation.

A protest on Cumberland Avenue that blocked traffic caused one police office to be hit by a car today. What were these students protesting? Police Brutality in the Ferguson decision.  Their careless action caused someone to get hurt. Their blocking the flow of traffic made it difficult for EMTs to reach the scene of the accident. Others were delayed from getting back to work on time since the protest happened around midday.

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