Random Thoughts Tuesday

I have a mystery to solve. Yesterday, I opened the freezer up at work to put in my bottle of water to get cold and there on the bag of ice was a frozen blue hand. No. Not an actual hand, but one of those blue gloves used by medical personnel or even when cleaning filled with water and frozen. Strange right? I thought so, but wondered which graduate student was playing a practical joke on someone.firsthand

Then this morning I came in, opened up the freezer and there was the hand, still there, but lying upside down, frozen fingers up, with uprighthandthe middle finger missing.  So I’m beginning to think maybe this isn’t a practical joke after all. Could this be a message to someone?  We do have a sign on the refrigerator door that says STEAL FOOD AT YOUR OWN RISK. Could someone be taking this literally? Did someone steal another persons food and this is a warning hands off? Oops… no pun intended there! Or does this have nothing to do with stealing food, but maybe a warning sign to one of the cleaning crew to keep their hands to themselves? Hmmm….what do you think?missingfinger

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