T. G. I. F. Friday

It’s football time again! Tailgate parties. Friday night lights at the high schools. Pep rallies. Band practice and competition. So many memories and new ones to make. What is it about this time of the year that takes you back to your younger days? Hanging out with friends. Going for pizza after the game. Then on Monday morning, hearing about the wild parties that happened over the weekend?

Sometimes I think that my son, who is a teenager, is missing out on these activities. He’s such a home body. He enjoys nothing more than to be in front of a computer, and if he is not, then he makes due with his smart phone. Reading, texting, playing games.

Sometimes I think I missed out on a lot by not being the partying type. I never was one to let go. I was more reserved. I never felt I truly belonged there. I didn’t drink, or smoke. But then I look at my life now and how I’m more comfortable in who I am and realize that I didn’t miss out on anything.

My son is happy doing what he does so why should I worry about him missing out. Because I’m a mom and it’s my job to worry I guess. LOL.

Have an awesome weekend! I plan to hanging out with my kiddo.

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