Random Thoughts Friday

Wondering whether Mirror, Mirror would be worth seeing. It looks funny, but some critics are saying it is too sweet. I’d hate to think they used the best parts for the previews. Maybe I’ll save my money for when it comes out for rental. That seems to be my best option on most movies anymore. I can stay home and write.

Pollen Season is so upon us. I have a nagging cough from a tickle I can’t get rid of, my eyes are all watery today making my vision less than 100%. I thought during lunch I was going to come back to my desk and be productive but not so sure now. Can’t really take anything for this because I don’t have a lot of symptoms to warrant medication. The good thing is I can breath so sinus surgery at least worked. I just need a nap. Too bad I’m at work.

Pssst! I don’t want to jinks myself, but this is my 38th day blogging in a row. Pretty exciting!!

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