Rumor Has It Wednesday: Leanne vs. Muse

It's been weeks since I've written a post. Weeks I tell you! What is up with that? I'm really not sure except I took a break from writing. I tried to write, but didn't get too far. I tried to be creative, but that didn't work either. Is it my new medication after surgery or… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday: Leanne vs. Muse

Sunday Sundaes

Well today is the Oscars. Later today we will find out who be given that golden statue.  Nothing else is on TV tonight so you have little choice but to watch it if you want to see something on local channels. Reruns of tv shows are on some cable channels and then there are a… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Random Thoughts Friday

Wondering whether Mirror, Mirror would be worth seeing. It looks funny, but some critics are saying it is too sweet. I'd hate to think they used the best parts for the previews. Maybe I'll save my money for when it comes out for rental. That seems to be my best option on most movies anymore.… Continue reading Random Thoughts Friday