What Are You Reading Thursdays

I have started reading The Casanova Code by Donna MacMeans. This is book one in The Rake Patrol series. I got a signed copy when I was in Atlanta at the beginning of the month.  I like this motto that is featured on the front cover. Some secrets are better kept hidden…  Since I only began reading yesterday I’m not able to really give you a review. I didn’t read a whole chapter yet. It was kinda hard with the TV on in the one-day surgical waiting room at the hospital to concentrate because The Talk was on and a nurse kept coming through giving updates on the different surgeries that were going on. It was a small area to begin with so I was easily distracted. And if it wasn’t the nurse coming in, it was the phone ringing on the wall letting folks know updates on patients. My dad had the procedure done and he did fine.

My son, on the otherhand, has finished book six in the Pendragon series he is reading. He was not distracted as we waited. He boasted this morning that he was checking out the next two or three books in the series today when he went to the library. He really has taken a liking to reading. Thank goodness!

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