Play Date Saturday

We had our monthly Smoky Mountain Romance Writers meeting today. We met at the home of Mallory Kane. It was a good meeting with lots of members present.  The program was on using a Virtual Assistant and was very interesting. Normally we break for lunch, but today everyone went their own way.

Afterward I came home and wrote making progress on a new direction that my story was going in. Then tragedy hit. For some reason my word program froze up. My auto save function didn’t work. I lost over 400 words. 400 words! This isn’t the first time this has happened. But I’m soooo over it happening. I have a new computer that is less than 2 years old but I’ve been having trouble with it since I purchased Word 2010 and installed the program.  I’m not sure if it is the MS word program or if it is the type of computer I’m using. I lost more than 400 words when I was working on Because of Rebecca, the same thing happened except instead of the document freezing on the screen, the program shut down with a stroke of a key. The auto save function failed again that time too and I was livid.  In both cases I rewrote the scenes I lost, but I feel they lacked something the second time around.


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