Monday Monday

Day off. Work like it was my day job. What a great feeling. Haven't felt like that in a long time. Wish I could have more long weekends to dedicate to writing. Maybe one day soon I can call it my day job because I won't have to work. One can dream.....sigh.


TGIF … Friday

Yippee! It's Friday. Time to start thinking about the weekend. Not having to get up so early. Extra time to write, spend time with the family -- Sunday is Father's Day so don't forget your dad. I got mine something he will really like. My dad is a snacker or at least he has turned… Continue reading TGIF … Friday

What are you Reading Thursday

I received a request to judge two entries for a contest that somehow didn't receive critiques from the judge who scored them. I agreed and now I can see why one of them didn't get critiqued. I won't say it is horrible. I wouldn't say that about anyone's writing. But there is a big difference… Continue reading What are you Reading Thursday

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Another glorious day ahead. Yes, it will also be hot again, but we can manage. Everything is looking bright for me as well. I am writing again and I am very happy. My characters are talking to me and I am channeling their emotions and feelings as I write their story. My son can attest… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday

Rumor Has It Wednesday: Leanne vs. Muse

It's been weeks since I've written a post. Weeks I tell you! What is up with that? I'm really not sure except I took a break from writing. I tried to write, but didn't get too far. I tried to be creative, but that didn't work either. Is it my new medication after surgery or… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday: Leanne vs. Muse

TGIF … Friday

What a week! Still struggling with the writing. Still trying to get 100 percent well after the surgery, but it is coming. Rearranged my closet, put away new clothes, took out a few older ones. Did laundry. Then I discovered a new program on Netflix so I watched half of the season today, will probably… Continue reading TGIF … Friday

Play Date Saturday

Finished decorating my Christmas tree. Yeah, it took me two days, but it is finished and looks great. I have a new tree so it is taller even if it is not as big around. Gorgeous tree. Being a couch potato doesn't sit well with me anymore. I rarely have down town, and taking that… Continue reading Play Date Saturday