What are You Reading Thursday

Sometimes I think this blog post should be What are You Writing Thursday because if I’m not busy with my day job and raising my son,  that is what I’m normally doing. I’m writing. I don’t have much time to read for pleasure anymore, but that doesn’t keep me from carrying a book or two with me in my bag. Today I counted no less than three that I wanted to be looking at (but I had to heed the call of my muse instead and I know my readers appreciate that). A hardback and two paperbacks and that doesn’t count how many eBooks I have available in my Kindle app on my smartphone. I have access to books, but not much time to read them. Maybe I need to give up my Netflix account? Son wouldn’t like that.

I hope you have time to read and enjoy the writings of many talented authors out there.

One thought on “What are You Reading Thursday

  1. Speaking of Netflix, I subscribed this week and just saw One for the Money. Now I want to read the book. I know, I’m probably only one of two people in the US who hasn’t read it, but I’ve added it to my summer reading list!

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