Guest Author Monday

Please welcome with me today our Guest Author -- Gloria Marlow I was recently asked an interview question that really got me thinking. If I was going to cast a movie based on my upcoming release, who would I cast as the hero and heroine? Although I know many authors could answer this question without… Continue reading Guest Author Monday


Sunday Sundaes

I woke to another migraine so I am not a happy person today. It has been this way for more days than I care to count this month. I could not go to church again this morning even though I tried to get ready to go.  The roar of the hair dryer is killer when… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes


Today's post is not about characters in my books. It is about who authors write about as heroes and why readers love them. Because let's face it, do the men we know on a day to day basis ever measure up to the men writers portray as heroes in their books? I doubt anyone is… Continue reading TGIF…Heroes

What are You Reading Thursday?

I began a new book this week. The Seduction of a Duke by Donna MacMeans. It isn't a new release. I picked it up at the Lori Foster Author Reader Get Together in 2010 where I met Donna. She signed the book for me. I began reading the first few pages while I was there,… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday?

Random Thoughts Tuesday

Lovely September day. Not too hot, but not too cool. Just right. Migraine. Migraine. Go away! You've stayed too long and it's insane. Trying to write a little. Need a few pages, but might only get a few paragraphs. Got a new garbage can today. Maybe the square kind will hold more than the oval… Continue reading Random Thoughts Tuesday