Today I’d like to talk to you about the delicious heroes that fill everyone of Johanna Lindsey’s historical novels. That’s right. I know I have your tenderrebelattention because who hasn’t been awestruck by her Malory series? Who didn’t want to be trifled with by one of these rogues?gentlerogue James Malory, Anthony Malory? And later when the young pups were old enough there was Derek Malory and Jeremy Malory.

Of course, James married Georgina Anderson from America and she had a few brothers of her own that were roguish in their own right. Warren Anderson, Boyd Anderson won the hearts of a few of the Malory nieces.  And then there is Drew Anderson.sayyoulovememagicofyou

But she has more heroes than the Malory or the Anderson clan. What about her western heroes like Colt Thunder or Angel?  Or the early modern romance like Silver Angel where an English lady is kidnapped and sold into slavery, or  her futuristic heroes like Warrior’s Woman.  These are great stories and she makes each hero leap off the page


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