Play Date Saturday

It was a busy day to day. I had several things going on but here are a few of them:

Baby shower time!  I’ve been to two bridal showers and two weddings since August. Now it’s baby shower time!  My cousin Ashley will be welcoming her first baby in December. A little bouncing baby boy!  We are looking forward to this new addition.

Computer shopping with a friend. I helped a friend pick out a new computer, selected the software she’d need and had it installed before taking the purchase to her house and setting it up for her.

Finally home and getting my laundry started. No time for writing though. I have other projects to see to before I can begin that. And a new Hallmark film is on tonight. A continuation in The Good Witches series:  The Good Witches Destiny.  There is already talk of another in the series being released in 2014. Looking forward to that.



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