What are You Reading Thursday

I was at the local library picking up a book for my son to read for a project and I came across the Pretty Little Liars series in the teen section. I’ve watched the show and have always wanted to read the books, but I find them a little pricey, even at a used book store. So I checked out the first one. While we were at the cardiologist yesterday I read part of the first chapter.

My mom has finished her Cedar Cover series reading and has been devouring other titles off of Debbie Maccomber’s back list that she picked up at the used book store over the summer.  She finishes one book and starts another. Sigh. I remember reading like that after I graduated from college.

My son has almost finished the Pirate Jack series I think. Though he keeps bringing home two or three of them at a time. So glad he is an avid reader.

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