TGIF…Heroes … and Villains

Last night I watched the season premiere of Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. It had a little overlap with Once Upon a Time because the Knave of Hearts was in Storybrook when the White Rabbit found him and insisted that he go find Alice. The show did not live up to my expectations as Once Upon a Time has set the bar pretty high, but I think if we give it some time and not expect it to be so much like the other one then we will like it.

prince charmingIf you look at both shows you will see a similar story structure. You have a hero in Once Upon a Time which is clearly Prince Charming, knave of heartsbut in Once Upon a Time in Wonderland you would assume it is Cyrus, however, he is missing, so in actuality it is the Knave of Hearts who will be taking the journey with Alice to find her heart and Cyrus again. How do I know, see how both heroes are wearing leather? Costuming in the two shows appear to be similar for the character roles.


evil queenAnd the villains?  In Storybrook or the Enchanted Forest it is Regina the Mayor/ Evil Queen and Mr. Gold/ Rumpelstiltskin.  Reginarumplestilskin can’t help but be bad, even when she tries to be good. It’s in her nature. What about Mr. Gold? He was abandoned by his father, and he abandoned his son. Balfour didn’t know he had a child and yet Henry was abandoned by both parents, that is how he came to be adopted by Regina.

But in Wonderland it is the Red Queen and boy does she make you hate her upon our first encounter when she sends Cyrus over the edge into the abyss to never be seen again. And then because Cyrus is a genie who has been freed by Alice, we have Jafar (minus his trusty companion the parrot from the cartoon Aladdin) who wants Alice. Why? And why redqueendid the Red Queen get rid of Cyrus?  Many questions are left to be answered here so I think it is going to be jafarworth our time to watch another episode next Thursday night.

But one thing dearie, be careful when you follow a white rabbit down a hole, because you never know where you might end up.white rabbit

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