Play Date Saturday

2nd Saturday of the month is SMRW day. We had our monthly meeting and I was the guest speaker. I did my workshop The Craft of Being a Hooker. No, I wasn’t giving advice on working it down on the corner. I was giving advice on how to work that book to catch a reader. The group really enjoyed it once they got over the shock of my title. Yeah, I was going for the shock affect with it. And that worked which hooked them in.

Lunch afterward at the famous Litton’s. We had burger platters with fries or onion rings, though I think I did see a baked sweet potato at the table. Also, we did have someone order a salad and another order their chicken salad sandwich on wheat (awesome if you like chicken salad). Then a few of us even had dessert. Baby Jane was the dessert of the weekend (strawberry short cake) and I splurged and had a piece. But then I didn’t feel like eating for the rest of the day.

Afterward I came home and worked on reading through of my WIP to make sure I was keeping all the plot threads heading in the right direction. Very pleased with what I found. And where I see this one going.

That was my Saturday, how was yours?

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