TGIF … Heroes

Today Riley McKissack is talking about her hot hero Mick Hampton in the Men of the Badge series.

FBI agent Mick Hampton has a blood grudge against the drug runners who killed his partner Tess Jefferson. The guilt he feels over his inability to protect her has destroyed any chance for a life together with the woman he loved, Becca, his dead partner’s twin.

So, when Mick gets a chance to go undercover with a domestic terrorism cell who justify their drug trafficking as a way to fund their fight against theTargeted final[1] - Copy federal government, the danger is insignificant compared to the guilt he’s lived with since the day his partner was gunned down.

The undercover operation takes a drastic left turn when the drug dealers kidnap his former love, who is also a daughter of the judge who put them away in prison.

Coincidence? Or a premeditated move to get Mick out of the way for good?

No matter the circumstances, Mick and the woman he’s loved and lost could end up dead. Not to mention the fact that countless civilians could also die if Mick doesn’t stop the drug runner’s plot to wreck vengeance on the federal government they hate.

Thanks Riley for sharing with us. I know everyone wants to run out and grab a copy of Targeted so they can know more about Mick.

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