Play Date Saturday

Fun day. Not! Well, it really did turn out okay after about two hours of moving slow. I woke feeling like I was trying to have a migraine, but that passed. I got my laundry done and then I sat down to try and write. I really wanted to get my current WIP finished. However, I didn’t get too much accomplished on that. I found I needed to do a little research that I hadn’t anticipated for this part of the manuscript.

Then I popped over to Juli Alexander’s Birthday Giveaway Party bash on facebook. I tried to keep up with the many giveaways that was going on, but it got a little hard.

Finally, I gave up, went to Hobby Lobby to check out beads for book thongs and got a few groceries. I could have stayed away from both stores. We could have gone hungry and I would have not got myself into a new craft project.
How was your day?

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