Monday Musings

I am having a devil of a time trying to get into 1853 mode. It is so frustrating. I can think of things when I can't be at the computer and then by the time I get there I find it was all just a fleeting moment of narrative or conversation and I'm stuck again.… Continue reading Monday Musings

Sunday Sundaes

Today did not start out so good. Remember my dentist appointment on Friday. Well I think I am having side-effects from the numbing and the messing with the root canal. Whenever you mess with your teeth or at least I've had this happen, it also messes with the sinuses. I have sinus pressure, some swimmy… Continue reading Sunday Sundaes

Play Date Saturday

It has been too long since I had a play date on a Saturday. It's a new year and a new writing organization has formed. The East Tennessee Creative Writers Alliance or ETCWA. We had our first meeting and it was a huge turnout. I met a few new writers from the area and several… Continue reading Play Date Saturday

TGIF — It’s Friday!

Another work week has come and gone. The first full one of the new year. I had a dentist appointment today to replace a crown that had come off and broke (because I bit it while eating). So my dentist goes to numb the area where the exposed root canal is and he hits a… Continue reading TGIF — It’s Friday!

New Release– End of Lonely Street by Alicia Dean – Plus an Awesome Giveaway

I’m excited to share my latest release from The Wild Rose Press on what would have been Elvis’ eightieth birthday. ‘End of Lonely Street’ is a Vintage Romance Short Story set in 1957, in the era when Elvis first burst on the scene. Like my heroine in the story, I am a diehard Elvis fan.… Continue reading New Release– End of Lonely Street by Alicia Dean – Plus an Awesome Giveaway

What are You Reading Thursday?

This past week I have finished two novels that I have had in my To Be Read Pile. Recovering from surgery gives a body that luxury I guess. Both books were historicals set in the Regency to early Victorian error. If Wishes were Earls by Elizabeth Boyle came out in 2014 and I had purchased it… Continue reading What are You Reading Thursday?

Rumor Has It Wednesday

I AM BACK!!!  and everyone screams (for joy? in horror?) I'll let you decide. I hear that President Obama is coming to Knoxville and will be speaking at the main campus of Pellissippi State Technical Community College on Friday of this week. Only PSTCC Faculty, Students, and Staff can enter a drawing for a lottery to… Continue reading Rumor Has It Wednesday